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10 Photos That Will Remind You Why You Love Saukville

March 20, 2019

There's no place like Saukville. Take a look at these 10 photos that prove that Saukville is breathtaking in every way.

1. We have the best sunrises.

Pro tip: Peninsula Park is a great place for river views, especially at sunrise and sunset.

2. There's beauty around every corner. 

3. And from every angle.

Easy to forget how massive Lake Michigan is until you're in an airplane!

4. Mother Nature always puts on a good show for us.

One plus to our lake-effect weather: more rainbows!

5. We have four incredible seasons.

6. And they're all great for exploring.

Saukville is equally loved by its human residents and its feline friends!

7. Even in the cold.

The Riveredge Nature Preserve is beautiful in every season!

8. Saukville is simply the best.

Whether you're driving down 33 or 42, our sunsets provide a great backdrop.

9. I mean, look at this.

10. It's no wonder we all love it here.

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